penyejuk hati...

penyejuk hati...

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ibu2 dan bakal Ibu.. jom beli Breastpump Avent..

Salam semua.. sementelah dah jual barangan Avent ni kan.. maka akan adalah entry2 pasal barang baru yg aku jual.. mestilah promote sket kan..kalau tk camne bisnes nk maju.. so to all mommy and bakal2 itu yg berniat nk breastfeed your baby then bekerja.. aku mmg suggest korang guna breastpump Avent ni. Bukan sesaja nk promote, tapi aku telah pun menggunakannya.. mmg senang sgt.. tangan pun tk lenguh mengepam even you all guna manual pump punya.. serius.. Avent ada menawarkan pelbagai jenis breastpump mengikut keselesaan dan kemampuan anda.. 

Pelbagai jenis breastpump dan harga korang leh tgk kt gambar diatas.. sume adalah adalah harga promosi kecuali yg Twin electronic breastpump..Sape nk beli baik cepat coz harga promosi ni akan berakhir hujung December 2011... Meh aku citer sket description breastpump2 ni:

Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

The Avent Single Electric Breast Pump features advanced technology that makes hand held pumping effortless. This pump offers infinite speed and suction settings to provide you with a personalized pumping experience. Simply begin pumping manually, press the control button and the Avent Single Electric Breast Pump will learn your unique pumping rhythm. The let-down massage cushion gently stimulates your breast to achieve let-down naturally.
This unique pump feature provides you with an infinite amount of speed and suction combinations. It also gives you the option to conveniently switch between electric and manual pumping at anytime. With the ultra quiet, hospital grade pump motor, you can pump quickly and efficiently all while remaining discreet since pump noise is kept to a minimum.
Soft let-down massage cushions help you to achieve natural let-down by gently massaging and stimulating your breasts. The cushion also provides additional comfort for sore nipples and engorgement. Since it is controlled by one button at your fingertips, you can easily change the speed and suction at anytime during expression.
The closed milk collection system ensures the purity of your expressed milk by preventing milk from backing up into the motor and safeguards milk from germs and cross contamination. With you to easily pump, store and feed milk using any Avent bottle or cup.
The Avent Single Electric pump is a portable, battery or mains powered handheld electronic pump. Includes all you need to express, store and feed your breast milk using Avent bottle or cup.
• Single Electric Breast Pump
• 1 Breast milk container 125ml/4oz
• 1 Disposable breast pads starter pack
• 1 Newborn teat travel pack
• 1 Sealing discs(for milk storage)
• 1 Spare valve
• Battery pack and mains power lead
• Manual pump parts for when power is not available
Country of origin :England
Material : BPA-Free

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump
The Avent Manual breast pump uses massage stimulation and gentle vacuum to express milk so only occasional compression of the handle is required once let-down is achieved. This pump has been clinically proven as effective as an electric pump. With its quiet, discreet operation you can conveniently pump wherever and whenever you need.
It is a great option for first time pumping moms because it is simple to use and easy to clean. A combination of massage and gentle vacuum is used to effectively express milk. The let-down massage cushion helps to stimulate a natural milk flow, which allows you to express milk more quickly without causing discomfort. With this pump, you can easily pump, store and feed milk using any Avent bottle or cup.
Everything you need to maintain your milk supply and to express and store your breast milk when away from your baby.
•1  Manual breast pump with funnel cover
•1  Extra soft newborn teat travel pack
• 1 Sealing disc(for milk storage)
• 1 Spare valve
• 1 Avent Airflex PP feeding bottle 4oz/125ml
Material :BPA-Free
Country of origin :England

Philips AVENT BPA Free with VIA Storage System Manual Breastpump - PP
Express more. Store easily.
A manual breast pump offers you total control of the suction level and pumping rhythm. The unique Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump assures you enhanced efficiency, being clinically proven to express more milk than a hospital electric pump.
Philips AVENT Manual Breast pump allows you to express your milk directly into the pre-sterilised VIA Cups for storage in one easy step. The Philips Avent Manual Breast pump is easy to use and assemble. Its patented Let-down Massage Cushion with five soft petal massagers replicates baby's suckling action and gently stimulates fast milk flow.
Via pre-sterilised Cups are ready to use straight from the pack. They can be re-sterilised, used several times and disposed when showing signs of wear and tear. The VIA cups are leak-proof for safe transport and  storage, and can be used  in fridge or freezer. The cups, lids and adapters are made of polypropylene and do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA free).The stackable cups are also a great space saving storage system. Avent Via cups use the same anti-colic teats as Avent feeding bottles
Benefits and features
Gently stimulates fast milk flow
Clinically proven effective
Patented Let-down Massage Cushion
Fits all Philips AVENT breast pumps and teats
Use adapter to express and feed
For safe storage and transport
Leak-proof, twist-on lid
What is included:
•Manual breast pump:- 1 pc
•Pre-sterilised VIA Cup (180 ml/6 oz):- 2 pcs
•VIA Lid:- 2 pcs
•VIA Adapter:- 1 pc
•Disposable Breast Pad - 1 pc
•Extra soft, Newborn Flow Teat:- 1 pc
Jadi sesiapa yg berminat nk beli.. anda boleh baca dan fahami description setiap jenis breastpump ini dan PM saya @ 0132986822.. happy pumping.. Susu ibu adalah yg terbaik untuk bayi.. jadi gunakankan lah anugerah Allah ini dengan sebaik2nya..  Thanks..

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